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A New Way of sports sponsorship for athletes, brands and fans

We are able to tap into every subculture, including unique interests and one-of-a-kind passions. Global or niche, A New Icon is your sponsorship platform.

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A New Way of sport sponsorship based on real, genuine, and unique connections

Why A New Icon


  • It’s easy to sign up
  • Connect with sponsors who share your values
  • Be celebrated for who you are
  • Get paid to do what you love
  • Find opportunity in the world of sponsorship
  • Have access to our mentors support and guidance
  • Stress-free: do it all in one platform


  • Reach any target audience with genuine connection
  • Stand out with athletes from any type of sport
  • Tap into every subculture and niche audience
  • Easily create campaigns and pay athletes in our secure platform
  • Quickly search our database of athletes
  • Increase sales through improved exposure to new fans, athletes, and sports
  • Show your audience you are a socially aware, inclusive, and diverse company
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Our Commitment

  • Connection
    A New Icon connects a global community of athletes and sponsors. Supporting one another and working together to share passions and successes.

  • Encourage Authenticity
    We believe the best sponsorship is founded on authenticity. We encourage brands and athletes to be genuine and to know what they stand for.

  • Representation
    We understand the power of representation, when we see the achievements of those who look like us, sound like us, who represent us, great things can happen.

  • Respect and Honesty
    We encourage respect and honesty. If the sponsor or sponsee do not meet their end of the deal then you have the chance to leave an honest review. Payments are held securely and released by our system under your agreed terms.

  • Communication
    Sponsorship deals made on A New Icon encourage communication in every step of the process. Being realistic about what the sponsor and athlete want to achieve. Communication is always key.

  • Value All Sponsorship
    We know the potential of sponsorship and that not all sponsors need to be Redbull (but they’re welcome too!). It could be a start-up or a local family-owned business, there are many ways to sponsor with A New Icon.
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity + Inclusion Budgets Worldwide
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Of Sponsored Athletes are Women
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The A New Icon Platform

Our Platform

Have full control over who you work with and what type of sponsors you would like to represent.

Unlock Every Possibility

Create a Personal Profile
Tell us who you are, what you're about, and find your value.

We Make Connection Easy
So that you can focus on doing what you love and developing your career.

Unlock Many Possibilities
Do What You Love

Make Money Doing What You Love

Connect and Collaborate
It’s never been so easy to connect and collaborate with sponsors.

Everything in One Place
No bank transfers, no confusing contracts, no fuss. Join the campaigns you’re interested in, check your rates, and get paid all within the A New Icon platform.

Start Today

Connecting with sponsors is easy with A New Icon. Have full control over who you work with.

Step 1
Start your journey today by signing up to A New Icon. It’s quick and easy.

Step 2
Create a profile, connect your social media accounts, and set your price to get started.

Step 3
Begin collaborating by choosing your favourite campaigns or accepting sponsor invitations.

Step 4
You will be paid securely through PayPal, within 7 days of ticking off the steps of your campaign.